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Recording the Audio for The Mexican Swimmer

"I'll use brothels to swim home."

Hi, thanks for checking out The Mexican Swimmer. The Mexican Swimmer kindle novella comes with a free download of the 3 hr. Audio-book with effects & music. $2.99.

Rodrigo Villalobos stands on a balcony in Mexico overlooking seven brothels. "I'll swim home," he tells his bodyguards, "by visiting each brothel." Rodrigo's decision will force him to fight for his family's survival.

About Producing the Audio Version

I've produced three full-cast audio-books with stars of the '60s such as Rod Taylor, Robert Culp, George Chakiris, Russ Tamblyn, David Hedison and Frank Sinatra Jr, with the running time of 3.5 hours each.

Now I feel like I'm 'going Hitchcock', by now having a one actor audio-book in the vein of Alfred Hitchcock producing (with his own money) Psycho.

By that, I mean, Hitchcock going from a large scale production like North by Northwest to a low budget, 'lower class' (to the studio execs) black and white horror movie. Me, going from from 3.5 hr, full-cast with stars, audio-novels, to a pulp-fiction story with the 'lower class' tagline of:

I'll use brothels to swim home.

Okay, I'm overdoing the comparison, but let me have my fantasy to give me the courage to publish the text and produce the audio version. But I'm really excited about it, because as Edgar Allen Poe said, "A short story should be short enough to read at one sitting, be a mood piece with every sentence contributing to the total effect, and should seem simple, but have lots of irony in it."

My story concerns a Mexican man that wants to emulate Burt Lancaster in The Swimmer. But instead of using rich people's pools to swim home, he sees a line of brothels between where he is and his home, so decides to swim home that way.

The 112 page kindle comes with a free 3 hr. audio-book download that has a Mexican actor performing the story with music and effects.
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