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3 Wild Thrillers

Just released: My new amazon kindle book '3 Wild Thrillers' includes a 77 min. audio-book download. 3 thrillers in one book for $2.99.

The first story, My Casino Caper, happened in 1977 when EDD BYRNES, known as Kookie in the hit television series 77 Sunset Strip, won three million dollars in Las Vegas. Immediately, two people lay claim to his jackpot, plunging Edd into a nightmare of danger.

You might know Edd from his performance as Vince Fontaine in Grease. Or maybe you’ve heard his million-selling gold record of Kookie, Kookie, Lend Me Your Comb. If you haven’t, you’ll learn all about Edd’s history as he himself tells about being stalked by a dangerous thug for his winnings.

From threats at the casino, to a home invasion, to persuading his actor friends to put themselves at risk in a potentially dangerous scheme, Edd's experience is a warning to all who gamble.

Included in this book, is a free download of Edd’s 77 minute, full-cast audio-book version of his memoir. Alan Young, David Hedison and Henry Silva join Edd in the audio version, to disclose their memories of the terrifying events that tread the fine line between luck and misfortune.

The other two novellas are written by Paul Kyriazi and intended for future audio-book production. His previous full-cast audio productions are McKnight’s Memory, Rock Star Rising, and the success seminar, How to Live the James Bond Lifestyle, which is also available on Kindle.

In the first novella, Justice is Mine, a man’s life drastically changes after a bizarre accident leads him to a mysterious woman, whose powers put him on a dangerous path.

In Wicked Players, the final tale in the book, two women team up to risk prison in a game of chance that descends into darkness.

Now it’s time to join the characters on their mysterious and thrilling journeys.
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