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Elvis Presley and Kim Kardashian's Twitter Power

Elvis had a twitter account?

If you want Kim KardasHian to tweet out your product to her 17.5 million fans; first she has to like it, second you have to pay her $25,000 for one tweet. Yes, just one tweet. That’s fan power.

Elvis Presley did one ‘tweet’ at a concert showing his fan power. Elvis concert promoter Jerry Weintraub tells this story:

“This happened at a sold out 75,000 seat Presley concert in Detroit. I had personally ordered 35,000 scarves with Elvis’ picture on it to sell and make some side money. When the fans came in, they bought T-shirts, key-chains and mugs, but not one scarf.

“Backstage before he went on, Elvis saw me depressed. 'What’s wrong he asked?' I told him my problem. 'If I fix it will you smile?' Elvis asked. 'Sure,' I said.

"Elvis, when on stage, sang one song, and then said to the audience, 'I can’t see you. Turn the house lights on.' They went on. 'I still can’t see you,' he said. "' tell you what. I’ll take a five minute break and you people go get some scarves to wave.' In those five minutes, the scarves were sold out."

One ‘tweet’ by Elvis, did the job. One tweet by Kim exposes your product to 17.5 million people. Whether you’re a celebrity or not, it’s important to have ‘tweet power’. In the past, it was ‘who you knew’. Now it’s, how many contacts do you have on the net. So build, build, build.

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