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Paul Kyriazi - James Bond Lifestyle's Journal
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Friday, October 2nd, 2015
11:25 pm
Lost Ninja Busters Found in Hell Hole
The movie I directed was miraculously found recently.

Let’s start with the miracle first. Ninja Busters was shot on 35mm film and released by an independent film distributor in 1984. Because he stole all the money from the six movies he released, including Ninja Busters, he went to prison for six years. Consequently, the only print of Ninja Busters that was struck disappeared along with the distribution company.

In December of 2012, film collector Harry Guerro, of Exhumed Films and Garage House Pictures, was informed of a possible film storage room in California, on the edge of the Mojave desert, where there might be some trashed movies. In a ‘hell-hole of a room’ as Harry calls it, there were 200 movies in rusty film cans. Many of the prints has turned to rust and rusted right out of the metal cans they were in.

However, the print of Ninja Busters was amongst them and in good shape. So Harry loaded up the 200 prints into a rental truck and drove across America to New Jersey, braving some giant snow and ice storms; “The worst I’ve ever seen,” Harry says.

Harry had the Ninja Busters print protected with a special coating under the supervision of film restoration expert Helge Bernhardt. Next, Harry showed Ninja Busters along with many other ‘exploitation movies’, at his Ex-Fest Marathon, a 3 day film festival. The audience howled with laughter as the comedy unreeled onto the screen via the 30 year old print. I received email from fans saying “It was hilarious.” And “I had tears in my eyes from laughing.” People continued talking about the movie throughout the festival, so Harry figured that Ninja Busters was worth a Blu-ray release.

That’s when Harry contacted me about supporting the project and doing an introduction and director’s commentary track on the Blu-ray. Naturally, I was elated to find out that my fourth directed feature film, lost for 30 years, had finally found an audience and would be available for future audiences to enjoy, both on theatrical screens and home screens.

Now about the production. Well known martial arts teacher, Sid Campbell, worked on two of my recent feature films; Death Machines and Weapons of Death, both of which had a wide and popular release. Sid gave me a movie script that he had written for him and martial arts great Eric Lee, known as ‘The King of Kata’ amongst Kung Fu fans. Eric was in those two movies as well.

Sid’s script was a comedy about two well-meaning, but naïeve guys, who join a karate school so they can pick up and date the female students that they see training there. “It’ll be like shooting fish in a barrel,” Eric says. “It’ll be like picking girls in a karate school is what it’ll be like,” Sid corrects him.

However, the two funny guys get strict lessons from the two karate teachers at the school; Gerald Okamura and Carlos Navarro; both well know martial artists. Gerald Okamura appeared on many covers of Kung Fu magazine and was known as ‘The Martial Arts Magician’ because of the secret and unusual weapons he designed. Carlos was known in San Francisco as the karate teacher changing young people’s lives in the Mission district. Also in the story, biker, played by Frank Navarro, joins the karate school in order to settle a score with Sid, and especially Eric. Soon the whole school gets involved with gangsters who are using Ninjas as assassins. Therein lies the story.

I immediately liked Sid’s story and agreed to direct it and partner with him to get it made, though the script needed to have some extra scenes and comedy bits added to it.

I got ahold of screen writer William C. Martell (writer of 19 produced films and author of Secrets of Action Screenplay Writing) to expand the script. Then forming a company called Movie Media with Sid, Eric, Carlos and myself, we raised enough money to start filming, though not enough to finish it.

I had done this just a year earlier on Weapons of Death; started with just 30% of the budget and raised the rest while I filmed. On that movie, I never missed a day of payroll or bills during the eight week schedule. I was inspired by film producer Michael Todd who raised the needed money on ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ day-by-day for that production. I got lucky and ‘Michael Todded’ it on ‘Weapons’, but my luck ran out on Ninja Busters, which I’ll get to later.

I’ll never forget the starting date of December 8, 1980 because while filming we were informed that John Lennon had been shot. It was very unsettling to say the least, but we continued with production.
Because we started filming with only a partial budget, I was often out meeting possible investors. To get the initial scenes of our heroes entering the karate school, meeting two attractive students; famous Kung Fu practitioner, Gini Lau and actress Kathy Wong, I had my assistant director Tony Saenz direct those first scenes, as well as part of a scene in a Latin nightclub.

However, despite my efforts to keep the money coming in, not enough did, so we had to close-down the production with only about 12 minutes of screen-time shot.

A year later, when I was tied up in Japan, Carlos Navarro raised enough money to partially film a ninja vs gangsters fight scene that Sid and Eric happen to witness in the story. That was filmed in a car junkyard with actor Bob Ramos (Weapons of Death) as the head gangster. That gave us another six minutes of screen-time.

Finally, in 1984, Carlos asked me how long it would take to get the additional 72 minutes of story and action to complete the movie. I made a carefully planned 14 day schedule, re-wrote the script to incorporate what was already shot. Also because of the fact that we could not get Gini Lau and Kathy Wong back to continue in their roles, as they were both had full-time obligations elsewhere, I had to find two other actresses to play the love-interests for our hapless heroes.

I contacted Weapons of Death heroine Nancy Lee who was happy to be a lead in the movie. For Sid’s love-interest, I spotted a pretty young woman named Dailah Gueteriz who trained at Carlos’ karate school and asked her to join the team. When I showed her the dialogue she’d have to memorize, she hesitated in making a commitment because she never acted before. I told her to just play herself and relate to what’s going on in the scene. So finally said yes. When she saw all the Kung Fu magazine covers of Sid, Eric, Gerald and others, on the wall at Sid’s school, she said, “I feel honored to be in this group.”

Fifty percent of the action of the story was filmed at Sid’s karate school that had two training rooms, a courtyard with a hot tub. Also I used his kitchen and the streets in front of his school for some scenes to be efficient.

Because renting the Latin nightclub again would not be within our budget, we faked a portion of it in Carlos’ basement with tables and dancers in it. We also used his kitchen for a scene with body-builder Nathan LeBlanc (Mr. California) as the quick-draw specialist.

We also had to go back to the junkyard to finish the uncompleted ninja vs gangsters fight scene that was shot there, as well as fix a whole in the story, now that another actor could not make the shoot. Juan Morales, a policeman friend of Carlos’, appeared as a limo driver for gangster Bob Ramos in that junkyard scene. However, since Bob was not available to complete his scenes, we faked him getting shot and I changed the story to say that Juan was just pretending to be the limo driver and was really the main boss setting up Bob Ramos to be killed. Wow, that’s ‘writing on your feet’. But it worked with the audiences and made a nice story twist.

The factory that is a front for the gangsters, where Sid and Eric work, was a location in Oakland, a few miles from Sid’s school. It also had a large outdoor yard area that had lots of equipment where ninjas could hide and our heroes could fight on and around. There was even a train boxcar there that stunt team; Harry Mok, Rick Slater and Ramon Neri, as ninja, could make an impressive jump off of.

I had Gerald Okamura also working as my second unit director, along with Alan Gin, filming action scenes in the outdoor yard while I was filming inside the factory. We got all the scenes required for the beginning and ending of the movie in three days. We worked fast, but as Gerald said, when I dropped him off at his hotel after the 2nd day, "That was fun. See you tomorrow." And that was the attitude of the entire cast and crew.

The 14 day shoot went smooth and was fun for all. I worked with editors Garrick Huey, Roger Glenn and Dan Goodman (also our cameraman) putting the movie together on KEM film editing machines. That was super-fun watching the movie finally come together. We hired actor Kerwin Mathews (The 7th Voyage of Sinbad) to do the opening narration about the history of ninja and how they were now available for hire in America, to set up the story.

Next came the five day sound mix at Fantasy Films in Berkley, owned by Saul Zantz the producer of ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’. There, Ninja Busters really came to life with the sound effects added to it. The music by Frank Navarro, that’s been likened to John Carpenter’s type of film music, made the karate training and action scenes more powerful.

Finally we made a single print and premiered the movie at the Alexandria Theater in San Francisco. Since the movie was more than three years in the making, word had spread about Ninja Busters, so the curious, as well as those involved in the movie showed up at the 10:30 am screening. The manager told me, "I've never seen so many people here in the morning."

The audience laughed and cheered from beginning to end of the movie, but I wondered if it was because most of them where in some way connected to the movie. That was the only public screening I attended as the movie was quickly taken over by the distributor who soon disappeared along with the print of the movie, as I mentioned before. That’s why it’s so gratifying for me to hear that an audience that doesn’t know me or the actors, find the movie so entertaining.
So much fun and creativity has happened for me working with Harry Guerro to get Ninja Busters into Blu-Ray, that I start to think the same type of thoughts when other miracles happen to me; “What if Harry hadn’t found the print of Ninja Busters in that ‘hell-hole’?

Everyone involved in Ninja Busters continued on, making names for themselves in martial arts, media, or other creative ways. I talk more about them in the director's commentary, which to me, is a celebration of those few weeks when everyone got together to appear in; "Some wierd ninja movie in Oakland, that got started three years ago, and now they're trying to finish."
Wednesday, February 11th, 2015
6:34 pm
Lucy Can Empower Freelancers
Lucy shows us possibilities.

The first words of the movie Lucy are; Life was given to us a billion years ago. What have we done with it?

The unique special effect action scenes will energize you, but there's so much more to this movie, if you let it's entirety work on you.

Of course, we can never do what Lucy does in this movie. But just watching her utilize her new powers can encourage us to think outside the box to upgrade our careers.

With it's many stiking images of the natural wonders of the earth and universe, the movie kind of hypnotizes you into the feeling that you are actuall using your brain like Lucy does. And with Morgan Freeman's theretical teachings, one gets into an intellectual mood and an appreciation of what it took for us humans to get to this point in time. Freeman asks the question, "Are human beings more concerned with having, than... being?

At the heart of the movie is an appreciation of our humanity. Action fans, waiting for the next shoot-out, may overlook the phone call that Lucy makes to her mother. Never has a 'don't forget to call your mother' statement been made so strongly. Lucy's appreciation of her parents and the miracle that brought her to life is clearly stated.

Any success teacher will tell you that; The first step to more money and more success is to have an appreciation of what we have now and use that as a platform to move up.

General good advice is also slipped into the story as Lucy tells her ailing roommate; "You need to make some lifestyle changes. Take this medication, work out, eat organic. You'll be okay."

And finally, just think of what we could do for our careers if we could type on two laptops with one hand each, as fast as Lucy does. With that brain power on the internet, we could find the right person, place, product, book or website that would take our careers to a new level. Of course, we can't use two laptops with Lucy's speed, but we can enhance our performance to take efficient action for success.

A billion years to get to this life. What will we do with it?
Wednesday, January 28th, 2015
1:58 pm
The Ultimate Book for Freelancers
freelancer two

Do you wish to survive as a freelancer?

Freelancer defined:

A person who works as a writer, designer, performer, or the like, selling work or services by the hour, day, job, etc., rather than working on a regular salary basis for one employer.

Is that you?

It sure has been, and continues to be, me. And the keywords in that last sentences is ‘has been’, because that’s what you don’t want to be thought of as a freelancer. That's why I developed the James Bond Lifestyle course for myself. It was never intended to be given to anyone else.

Since my dream of being a movie director started at age eight, when I saw The Making of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, continued with getting a BA in Film and winning the Berkeley Film Festival twice, I wanted no other way of life, other than to be a freelance movie maker.

My first feature film bombed. My second, premiered in 50 theaters in Los Angeles alone, and then went round the world. My third feature was popular, but the distributor ran off with the money.

The next three features gave me a good salary, but that was it. Then at age 29, I was at a hard place; meaning too long between jobs. Then miraculously a stunt woman from one of my movies hired me to direct a travelogue in Phuket, Thailand where the James Bond movie The Man with the Golden Gun was filmed.

The producer got me on a flight from Hong Kong to Bangkok with a First Class seat. When I got on the jumbo-jet, I saw that I was the only passenger with six beautiful Thai flight attendants. Later, the pilot told me that this flight was usually just for cargo, but the law required the full flight crew.

When the flight attendants gave the safety briefing, which was not yet on video, one attendant read the announcement into the PA system, another one walked right up to my seat and said, “For your eyes only,” which was the title of the new James Bond movie at that time.

Wow. Was I dreaming? An attendent asked if I wanted a newspaper, I wasn't interested, but took it from her to be polite. I opened it, and saw on the front page the results of the Acadamy Awards show that I had missed the night before. These coincidencess were starting to add up nicely.

The pilot asked me if I wanted to sit in the cockpit and I did so, even for the landing. Wow. I made a lot of money on that job as well as having great experiences. When I came back home, I knew I didn’t want that energy or lifestyle to stop. Wanted them to continue badly.

The next day, I watched the video of The Man with the Golden Gun and right then I decided that I needed to live like James Bond. I needed the ready cash that he always has for tipping; I needed the 50 gold sovereigns that he carries in his briefcase. Just to mention a few things I needed.

So I got to work writing down ideas about James Bond’s lifestyle; asking myself, what made him so cool and prosperous? I write up ideas that I had learned from success courses and books, plus my own ideas.

Soon things started to get better with my movie career. And then soon after, crew members from my movies began asking me, “How do you live as a freelancer with no company to support you?”

So I would tell them about my James Bond Lifestyle ideas, which would take an hour or more at lunch. But after doing that a few times I realized that I needed to get all the information recorded on a 90 minute cassette tape so that I could easily hand it to anyone that asked about how to live as a freelancer.

That was 1998, about the time the internet got bigger and Amazon started up, so I put the tape on Amazon.
Then I got asked by The Learning Annex to give three hour seminars on the Bond Lifestyle, but it turned out that three hours wasn’t enough time to give out all the information that I continued to accumulate. So I recorded an 8 hour version on CDs. But I went one step further and, since I’m a showman, I added many voices, sound effects and music to it.

Then in 2012, I expanded the course even more with the 340 page Kindle version that much more additoinal information and Skyfall references.

During the years of the James Bond Lifestyle being available to the public, I’ve received many emails saying things like;

“Your book saved my 30 year old son’s life.” - “Your book saved my marriage.” - “Your book made me fight my disease.” - “Your book helped me survive my divorce.” - “Your book made me start my own business.” - “Your book made me write my own book.” - “Your book made my family have a new respect for me.”

So if you are a freelancer, check out the sample pages and especially the Table of Contents for the 2012 Kindle version of How to Live the James Bond Lifestyle: http://goo.gl/IsNrU
Sunday, October 12th, 2014
9:55 pm
Elvis Presley's First and Last Watched Movies.
The first movie Elvis Presley ever saw:

Because his mother’s church forbid movie-going, neither Elvis or his father had ever been to the movies. At age 13, Elvis and his father secretly went to a movie theater to see Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948).

In later years. Elvis said, “I’ll never forget that movie. I was sitting there with my Daddy and everyone in the audience was laughing and having a good time. I figured that there could be nothing wrong with movies if they have this effect on people.

Side Note: That movie would also inspire to Quenten Tarantino to write Pulp Fiction. “One minute you’re laughing and the next minute people are getting killed. So that’s when I got the feeling of ‘genre mixing’.”

Star Wars (1977) was almost Elvis’ last movie. He was trying to get a print of it the day before he died, to show to his daughter. But, of course, it was not to be.

The last movie Elvis ever saw:

On August 12, four days before he died, Elvis rented the UA South Brook 4 movie theater. He took his semi-secret fiancé Ginger Alden, his daughter Lisa and some friends to see The Spy Who Loved Me.

How to Live the James Bond Lifestyle - Kindle- 'Look Inside' : http://goo.gl/IsNrU
Wednesday, October 1st, 2014
2:16 pm
2 Min.Trailer for Frank Sinatra Jr narrating 'McKnight's Memroy'.
This 2 minute trailer announces the 10 movie stars that perform the audio-book as well as a scene between Robert Culp and Nancy Kwan at the 50 min. mark: http://goo.gl/CtO6a6
Saturday, September 27th, 2014
9:25 pm
Frank Sinatra Jr, Robert Culp & 10 Stars in Audio
Frank Sinatra Jr. narrates the audio performed by 10 movie stars.

Performed by Robert Culp, Nancy Kwan, David Hedison, Don Stroud, Henry Silva, Alan Young, Edd "Kookie" Byrnes, Barbara Leigh, H. M. Wynant and Gary Lockwood.

CIA agent James McKnight (Robert Culp) has amnesia. The mafia is out to kill him. He tries to escape with his beautiful lover (Nancy Kwan), who he doesn't remember and might be working against him. Can he trust the woman that he's addicted to.

The $2.99 Kindle includes a free link to download the 4 hr. audio-book. 'Look Inside' on Amazon: http://goo.gl/gKF4c0
Monday, September 22nd, 2014
3:08 pm
Friday, September 19th, 2014
6:34 pm
My comic book animation for The Mexican Swimmer
Hi again. Here's a one minute comic book style animation for the new novella and audio-book.

Turn up your sound and watch full-frame: http://goo.gl/rlsi2D

Thanks for watching. You can get the 111 page novella, plus the FREE 3 hr. audio-book that has film quality sound effects and music for $2.99 on amazon Kindle. Search: The Mexican Swimmer.
Wednesday, September 10th, 2014
12:01 am
Recording the Audio for The Mexican Swimmer
"I'll use brothels to swim home."

Hi, thanks for checking out The Mexican Swimmer. The Mexican Swimmer kindle novella comes with a free download of the 3 hr. Audio-book with effects & music. $2.99. http://goo.gl/EooQy3

Rodrigo Villalobos stands on a balcony in Mexico overlooking seven brothels. "I'll swim home," he tells his bodyguards, "by visiting each brothel." Rodrigo's decision will force him to fight for his family's survival.

About Producing the Audio Version

I've produced three full-cast audio-books with stars of the '60s such as Rod Taylor, Robert Culp, George Chakiris, Russ Tamblyn, David Hedison and Frank Sinatra Jr, with the running time of 3.5 hours each.

Now I feel like I'm 'going Hitchcock', by now having a one actor audio-book in the vein of Alfred Hitchcock producing (with his own money) Psycho.

By that, I mean, Hitchcock going from a large scale production like North by Northwest to a low budget, 'lower class' (to the studio execs) black and white horror movie. Me, going from from 3.5 hr, full-cast with stars, audio-novels, to a pulp-fiction story with the 'lower class' tagline of:

I'll use brothels to swim home.

Okay, I'm overdoing the comparison, but let me have my fantasy to give me the courage to publish the text and produce the audio version. But I'm really excited about it, because as Edgar Allen Poe said, "A short story should be short enough to read at one sitting, be a mood piece with every sentence contributing to the total effect, and should seem simple, but have lots of irony in it."

My story concerns a Mexican man that wants to emulate Burt Lancaster in The Swimmer. But instead of using rich people's pools to swim home, he sees a line of brothels between where he is and his home, so decides to swim home that way.

The 112 page kindle comes with a free 3 hr. audio-book download that has a Mexican actor performing the story with music and effects.
Wednesday, May 21st, 2014
1:54 pm
Recording the Audio for The Mexican Swimmer
"I'll use brothels to swim home."

Hi, thanks for checking out The Mexican Swimmer. Read the 6 page short-story here on Authors Den: http://goo.gl/GCh1MQ

About Producing the Audio Version

I've produced three full-cast audio-books with stars of the '60s such as Rod Taylor, Robert Culp, George Chakiris, Russ Tamblyn, David Hedison and Frank Sinatra Jr, with the running time of 3.5 hours each.

Now I feel like I'm 'going Hitchcock', by turning my 6 page short story The Mexican Swimmer into a ten minute, one actor audio-book in the vein of Alfred Hitchcock producing (with his own money) Psycho.

By that, I mean, Hitchcock going from a large scale production like North by Northwest to a low budget, 'lower class' (to the studio execs) black and white horror movie. Me, going from from 3.5 hr, full-cast with stars, audio-novels, to a short one actor, pulp-fiction story with the 'lower class' tagline of:

I'll use brothels to swim home.

Okay, I'm overdoing the comparison, but let me have my fantasy to give me the courage to publish the text and produce the audio version. But I'm really excited about it, because as Edgar Allen Poe said, "A short story should be short enough to read at one sitting, be a mood piece with every sentence contributing to the total effect, and should seem simple, but have lots of irony in it."

My story concerns a Mexican man that wants to emulate Burt Lancaster in The Swimmer. But instead of using rich people's pools to swim home, he sees a line of brothels between where he is and his home, so decides to swim home that way.

July 16th, 2014, I'll have a Mexican actor, with a Fernando Lamas sounding voice, perform the short story told in the first person, present tense. Then I'll make it a free text kindle with a free link to the audio-download.

However, before the audio is available, you can read it right here on Authors Den: http://goo.gl/GCh1MQ

Come back in August 2104, to hear the audio version free.
Monday, May 12th, 2014
2:00 am
Godzilla's True Story
The first Godzilla was an $800,000 movie. The largest of any Japanese movie budget at the time. It was very serious and a meaphor for the destruction and suffering of the people after Hiroshima and the fire bombing that occurred just 10 years before. Thusly you see a lot of temple praying scenes.

The name of the monster was 'Gojira'. Go= gorilla. Kujira = whale. So, gorilla whale = Gojira. But hard to pronounce for Americans. A USA producer bought it, hired Raymond Burr for only 4 days, filmed perfectly matching scenes in Hollywood, and changed the name to Godzilla.

Raymond Burr was not in the original movie, but top actors from Japan including the leader of 'The Seven Samurai'. Now you can get the double DVD with the original Japanese version with English sub-titles, or the US version with Burr in it and in english. Later Burr appeared in 'Godzilla 1985'.

When you watch it again and realize that all the Burr scenes were done later you will be impressed with how he is cut into the movie. He's often just observing events with Japanese extras behind him to match the scenes that were already taken. But it fits because he plays a reporter.

In the hospital where he is injured and talking to the woman. It was originally the woman talking to a Japanese actor. Burr was flawlessly inserted. And this was before CGS. Fooled me, even as an adult.

For the US version of 'Godzilla', James Hong (Chinatown) and Samee Tong (Bachelor Father) did seven voices each on it, along with one actress.

The original version had a strong anti-nuclear message, but was watered down in the US version, not because of politics, but because of story pace. The US version was 80 minutes, while the original was 95 minutes.

Because of the extensive special effects, 'Gojira' was the first movie in Japan to use story boards, based on Walt Disney's use of them for '20,000 Leagues Under the Sea' a year earlier.

Both versions on DVD have informative commentaries.

The final radio broadcast in the film is, "People of the world, Godzilla is dead. Give us strength to re-build our beloved country.'
Wednesday, September 11th, 2013
11:38 pm
3 Wild Thrillers
Just released: My new amazon kindle book '3 Wild Thrillers' includes a 77 min. audio-book download. 3 thrillers in one book for $2.99. http://goo.gl/zjpx7j

The first story, My Casino Caper, happened in 1977 when EDD BYRNES, known as Kookie in the hit television series 77 Sunset Strip, won three million dollars in Las Vegas. Immediately, two people lay claim to his jackpot, plunging Edd into a nightmare of danger.

You might know Edd from his performance as Vince Fontaine in Grease. Or maybe you’ve heard his million-selling gold record of Kookie, Kookie, Lend Me Your Comb. If you haven’t, you’ll learn all about Edd’s history as he himself tells about being stalked by a dangerous thug for his winnings.

From threats at the casino, to a home invasion, to persuading his actor friends to put themselves at risk in a potentially dangerous scheme, Edd's experience is a warning to all who gamble.

Included in this book, is a free download of Edd’s 77 minute, full-cast audio-book version of his memoir. Alan Young, David Hedison and Henry Silva join Edd in the audio version, to disclose their memories of the terrifying events that tread the fine line between luck and misfortune.

The other two novellas are written by Paul Kyriazi and intended for future audio-book production. His previous full-cast audio productions are McKnight’s Memory, Rock Star Rising, and the success seminar, How to Live the James Bond Lifestyle, which is also available on Kindle.

In the first novella, Justice is Mine, a man’s life drastically changes after a bizarre accident leads him to a mysterious woman, whose powers put him on a dangerous path.

In Wicked Players, the final tale in the book, two women team up to risk prison in a game of chance that descends into darkness.

Now it’s time to join the characters on their mysterious and thrilling journeys. http://goo.gl/zjpx7j
Wednesday, June 5th, 2013
11:02 am
For Clark Gable Fans Only
I don't want this great Hollywood incident to be lost, so I decided to put it here.

During a recording session, one of the stars I was directing told me this story that he personally witnessed:

"I was at a small hamburger shop on Hollywood Boulevard . I noticed Clark Gable sitting at the counter eating a hamburger. Suddenly a girl about age 20 walked up to Gable and said;

'Oh, Mister Gable, I just have to tell you that my mother named me Scarlett because of your movie.'

"Gable put down his hamburger, stood up, looked down at the girl and said dramatically;

'There's one thing I do know, I love you, Scarlett. In spite of you, me and the whole silly world going to pieces around us, I love you.'

"And then Gable turned, sat down, picked up his hamburger and resumed eating. The girl walked out of the shop in a daze."
Saturday, March 23rd, 2013
5:52 pm
Elvis Presley and Kim Kardashian's Twitter Power
Elvis had a twitter account?

If you want Kim KardasHian to tweet out your product to her 17.5 million fans; first she has to like it, second you have to pay her $25,000 for one tweet. Yes, just one tweet. That’s fan power.

Elvis Presley did one ‘tweet’ at a concert showing his fan power. Elvis concert promoter Jerry Weintraub tells this story:

“This happened at a sold out 75,000 seat Presley concert in Detroit. I had personally ordered 35,000 scarves with Elvis’ picture on it to sell and make some side money. When the fans came in, they bought T-shirts, key-chains and mugs, but not one scarf.

“Backstage before he went on, Elvis saw me depressed. 'What’s wrong he asked?' I told him my problem. 'If I fix it will you smile?' Elvis asked. 'Sure,' I said.

"Elvis, when on stage, sang one song, and then said to the audience, 'I can’t see you. Turn the house lights on.' They went on. 'I still can’t see you,' he said. "' tell you what. I’ll take a five minute break and you people go get some scarves to wave.' In those five minutes, the scarves were sold out."

One ‘tweet’ by Elvis, did the job. One tweet by Kim exposes your product to 17.5 million people. Whether you’re a celebrity or not, it’s important to have ‘tweet power’. In the past, it was ‘who you knew’. Now it’s, how many contacts do you have on the net. So build, build, build.

For more business and lifestyle info, read 30 sample pages of How to Live the James Bond Lifestyle on Kindle: http://goo.gl/IsNrU

Also on iTunes: http://goo.gl/KvR6d
Monday, December 10th, 2012
5:30 pm
My SKYFALL Japan Experience
This contains spoliers, so see the movie first.

It's a cold and rainy December 1st in Japan; Skyfall opens today. The first show is sold out, but there are a few single seats for the noon show and I purchase one next to the wall, mid-way to the screen. Perfect for me, only one person to my right, never a slim girl, always a sumo wrestler.

Skyfall starts off with a knowing twang and it's James Bond in a shadowed hallway walking into a lit close-up. I don't even notice that there isn’t a gun barrel opening. Bond is told by M to leave a wounded agent that he is helping, his first decision. He follows M’s orders.
The motorcycle rooftop chase to the train is breathtaking with the intercutting of MI6 support adding tension and clarity. I know from the trailer that Bond will be shot and 'skyfall' off the train, but now “Take the bloody shot” has more meaning. I like the title song and the good title sequence makes me feel that I'm underwater with Bond. So far, so great.

Next, Bond pushes a girl against the wall and starts kissing her, the first love scene. No, I'm wrong. It cuts fast to a shot of Bond deep in thought on the bed, not paying attention to the girl. This movie will be about thinking, not kissing and innuendos. Also, the obvious scenes of Bond washed ashore, doctor patching his wounds, meeting the girl are not shown. We're moving fast. This is different.

Good scene of Bond in a bar having a drink with a scorpion. Now the story starts with both M and MI6 in trouble. Bond returns to his motherland to help his mother. I'll soon come to understand that M = mother.
The middle of the story moves nicely. What impresses me is what is missing; no sudden gunshots from a henchman that starts that chase music for 'another chase'. Those were fun in the past, but this movie is -- what? Ah, it's real, I think. Missing also are the over-edited, quick-cut shots that hid the blurred action in Quantum of Solace. And the usual blaring music is more subtle and ominous, the photography more moody, yet clearer.
Bond is ‘dead’, M is being pushed out of her job, so this is shaping up to be a story of Bond's “resurrection” as he puts it, and M’s survival, both professionally and physically.

Unlike Nietzsche's idea that 'Whatever does not kill you, makes you stronger', Bond is weaker from what didn't kill him. He has to retest his abilities to go on active duty. What's this? His hand trembles as he aims his pistol? He can't hit the target, even when he walks closer to it? If Bond doesn’t pass his tests, he’s out.
This is a damaged, unshaven Bond who is struggling to keep up his indestructible and arrogant image. Later, we find out that Bond failed his tests, but M secretly passed him. Bond can't even pass basic spymenship, but I'm with him all the way because a few days earlier I did my spinning back-kick as briskly as ever, but it arrived at the bag much later than I expected. Bond and I are having the same problems.

What is Skyfall anyway? Going in, I thought it was Bond falling out of the sky and into the water. But no, he's asked about Skyfall and Bond replies, 'Done." So it must be the code name from some operation like Thunderball was. It's suggested to Bond, "Why not stay dead? There's no shame in saying you've lost a step," by the same guy that wants to push M out of her job. This rings true to me because ever since high school there are always people who want you to quit, want to take over your space, and that continues into adult life, never stopping. I'm 100% on board for this Bond story about age, technology and returning to one's past for strength.

My interest continues as Bond ends up on the island strapped to a chair with the villain Silva introduced in one continuous take. Silva tells a story of rats, his grandmother's advice, and that he and Bond will be the two remaining rats. We'll soon learn that Silva has a 'mother' that he wants to kill, namely M. "The two survivors. This is what she made us,” Silva tells Bond about M. “Mommy was very bad.”

Bond shrugs off Silva's ‘romantic’ proposal with a "What makes you think this is my first time?" remark that is just a "can't scare me, 'cause I've done it all" attitude, not that he 'did it' in the past. And Bond is probably referring to being tied to a chair.

Next Bond is forced to shoot a shot glass off the leading woman’s head using an old-style, inaccurate dueling pistol. It’s real suspense, rare in a Bond movie. We know Bond is now a bad shot, but he has a gun to his head. He aims wide, missing her on purpose. Silva shoots her. What? No, I think. She just fainted. But I'm wrong. She's dead. It’s a sickening death for me; she just quickly folds over as the rope holds her to the rock. The close-up of the shot glass hitting the ground is not so much an editing accent, but a death punctuation, because we can see the woman’s feet buckling under her dead weight.

This is indeed a different Bond movie and Silva is a different villain. “What do you say to that?” Silva asks Bond about the brutal killing. Bond replies, “It’s a waste of good scotch.” It’s not the usual glib remark that we are used to in earlier Bond movies. No, Bond’s remark catches both the audience and Silva’s men off guard as he jumps into lightning fast action, shooting Silva’s men to death. The helicopters arrive to save Bond and capture Silva. In an instant, we forget the death of the girl, the story changes and we’re back in London, a brilliant piece of storytelling.

Silva now gets to confront M for her betrayal of him. Silva was a MI6 agent left for dead. His story of torture and a painful suicide attempt gains my sympathy. I can’t believe that I have sympathy for a man that, just a few minutes earlier, sickened me with his casual attitude about killing a woman. This story is going deep into uncharted Bond waters.
Silva escapes by using a subway train that almost lands on Bond. Wow, that looked real. There were no passengers, so we don't have to deal with another 'Knowing' subway massacre of citizens, so I enjoy the grandeur of the scene. It didn’t look CGI or even a model to me. Everything in Skyfall is looking real, and the characters are acting real. If this keeps up, the movie will transcend a Bond movie and be the best spy-thriller ever. But many great movies have fallen to pieces in the middle or blown it at the end.

Next comes Bond racing to save M at a ministry meeting where she has to defend her actions. Is she going to be fired? Maybe worse, she might be killed. Now comes what seems to be the final wrap-up; Bond chasing Silva through the subways on his way to kill M, intercut with M at the ministry hearing. She is warned to leave, but starts quoting Tennyson, with the last line: Heroic hearts made weak by time and fate, but strong in will, to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. I sit there loving this 'eye of the tiger' stuff.

Suddenly, it occurs to me that M is not only getting too old to serve her Majesty's Secret Service, but too old to serve Bond movies, as well. The producers must have told the director, “No matter what, kill off M”. I'm right; Bond arrives too late to save her and she is shot and falls to the floor. No, wait. I'm wrong. She's not hit, but put into a car which speeds off. She's kidnapped. So that was Silva's plan. But I’m wrong again. It’s Bond driving the car. "Where are you taking me?" M asks him. Bond replies, “We’re going back in time." I know the movie won’t head into science fiction territory, but what does he mean? It sure has my interest. I thought the movie was over.

However, the movie isn't over; it just felt over. Later, I would learn that this is the longest Bond movie ever. But as I sit watching it, I have no feeling of time. I never looked at my watch, only the screen in great interest for every capturing moment. The last time I thought a good movie had ended, was when watching Pulp Fiction. I thought the movie was over when Bruce Willis pulled out of the motel with the Outer Limits music playing. Very good I thought, but no, the best was yet to come. Travolta was alive again and the story of redemption started up anew. So now it's the same with Skyfall, and like Pulp Fiction, it would go into overdrive. Overdrive in fact, in the Goldfinger Aston Martin.

I see the Aston Martin and let out a 'Wow'. Later, I would hear that audiences in America stood up and cheered. My audience in Japan sits there like an oil painting. These people must be hardcore Bond fans to come on the first day that is cold and rainy to see their hero in action. But there’s not a sound, no reaction.

As for me, Skyfall has gone into overdrive with the DB5. I’m in love with Skyfall. But before that emotion can come to fullness, M, riding in the DB5, says, "It’s not really comfortable, is it?" Bond says, “Are you gonna complain the whole way?” and flips over the car's shift cap, revealing the red ejector button, which I know and love so well. Oh my God, he’s going to eject M, I think. "Oh, go on then, eject me. See if I care," she tells Bond. It’s the biggest laugh in Bond movie history and the audience remains silent. I try to control myself, but I start chuckling. The guy next to me turns to see if I pose any danger to him. Well, I tell myself, they have new theaters with state of the art projection and sound, but it's still Japan, and the Japanese are still Japanese.

The city scenery shifts to Scotland with no one around but Bond, M and my favorite car. The damaged Bond, the old woman and the old car stand alone in the foggy hills bent on trying to stay alive. There is a pause as M mentions Bond’s past, a hint at what “Going back in time' means?

Bond drives up to an old mansion on the moor and there I see Skyfall on the gate. No close-up, but it's clearly there. Ah, his old home, time travel back to his youth where we get some back-story on 007. I’m watching the Bond movie with the most meaningful title. So this is what the movie is about. And now, instead of Bond attacking the villain's fortress, as he usually does, this is the first time Bond has to defend a position, that being his own home, and with only basic weapons to do it. When Bond gets his hands on his father’s weapon (mythic), he’s a crack shot again.

This is a great set-up for me. The setting evokes The Hound of the Baskervilles and The Wolfman with the prodigal son returning home, only this time it’s the prodigal 007. The movie has been perfect up to this point. I thought it was over and was satisfied. From now on, it’s all bonus story and action, no matter what happens. But I’m surprised again. The final encounter goes beyond ‘bonus’ territory, it goes into high Shakespearean drama with the attack of the Oedipus complex villain.

Silva’s henchmen arrive for the final attack. Bond puts the Aston Martin into good use. The car is getting old too, but it can still get the job done with its double machine guns. All are killed in the final shootout. Once again, I’m wrong. Silva is not among the dead bodies.

What? More bonuses coming? Yes, in the form of a helicopter blaring out The Animals’ song of 'Boom boom boom boom. Gonna shoot you right down. Take you in my arms. There is a close-up of the helicopter’s speaker on; I'm in love with you', a message to M. The theater reeks of Freud, shotguns, blood and fire. "Welcome to Scotland."

Now we see Silva out there in the foggy cold with a bunch of killers he's hired, trying to kill his 'mother'. He yells out, “Everyone, listen to me. Don't you dare touch her! She's mine!” That’s what a guy yells out about the woman he wants to bed, not about the mother that he wants dead. And I had sympathy for this deranged guy? Doesn't he have anything better to do than to waste his time and life on this? He now becomes my favorite Bond villain, replacing Donald Grant and Rosa Klebb in from From Russia with Love.

Klebb wanted power and position, Grant wanted to do the job, kill for fun and, oh yes, he loved gold sovereigns. But Silva just wants to cause pain to the mother that abandoned him. She did it to save others, but Silva isn't having any of that. Silva's 'brother' James Bond, the good son, understood M's 'take the shot' attitude to save others and got passed it. But not Silva, he wants his mother to “Think on your sins,” wants her to suffer before he kills her. The use of the word ‘sins’ will soon pay off in a church, where Silva says is the perfect place to end it all. This is a truly sick and damaged human. Silva scares me as I sit in the theater. The last villain that truly scared me was in Deliverance.

Before the church scene happens, Bond looks out the window to see the Aston Martin blow up. He looks like he lost a friend, seems to get angry and lights the fuse that will destroy the home he ‘never liked’. It's Shakespeare mixed with Edgar Allan Poe. It's the House of Usher burning down, consuming the family secrets of incest. But in this case it's Silva's incest attitude about M. Thank God for Roger Corman. I never would have researched Poe in the 9th grade if it weren't for his movies.

Skyfall is now seemingly coming to a close. Bond is 'baptized' again, this time in ice water. Silva still has another sick surprise for us when he puts his pistol into M’s bloody hand (Yes, I get it.) and says, “Free both of us. Free both of us, with the same bullet. Do it. Do it. Only you can do it. Do it.”

Bond arrives in time to stop his mother's 'punishment for her sins' by stabbing his 'brother' in the back and is the 'last rat standing'. M doesn't die in some spectacular fashion, as she might have if this had been a regular Bond movie, this is more realistic. Thanks to Bond, M has a peaceful death from wounds incurred on the job. Thusly, her death evokes feelings from me, both as M dies, and actress Judi Dench leaves the series. I’m sitting in the theater thinking, “This is not only the best Bond movie, this is the best spy-thriller movie ever made.”

Now comes the cool shot of Bond on the MI6 roof top. I feel like something is going to happen. It can’t be another action scene, but it can’t end up here on the roof either. I have no idea what it will be, or if it will be. The woman that had backed up Bond in from the first scene has had enough of field work. She turns out to be named Eve Moneypenny, who takes her destined place behind her desk in the new M’s office. M asks Bond, "Are you ready to get back to work?" Bond replies, “With pleasure M, with pleasure.” And then the classic image of Bond in the gun barrel shot comes up. Fantastic. I'm in heaven. I want to stand and cheer, but I have to go along with my audience, so I sit there like I'm posing for the fifth position on Mt. Rushmore as the credits play.

However, I leave the theater extremely excited and empowered. Hell yes, I’m ready to get back to work, too. I’m ready to finish off some tough projects that I started, ready to get my spinning back-kick up to speed.
I don't rank things that I love, but I know that when it's summer and my blood is up and ready to hit the road for some adventure, I'll fire up my Blu-ray of Casino Royale. However, whenever it's a damp, drizzly November in my soul, I'll put in my disk of Skyfall, so I can be resurrected.
Thursday, October 18th, 2012
10:15 pm
Schwarzenegger's Cash. How much does he carry?
An important money lession.
Arnold Schwarzenegger had his first lunch meeting for the first Terminator movie with director James Cameron and producers Gale Ann Hurd and John Daly.

In his memoir Total Recall Schwarzenegger said:

"At that kind of meeting the actor never pays. But when the check came, it was like a comedy with all three of them searching for money. None of them could pay, so I paid and they were very embarrassed. After having to borrow money once from Maria, I never leave the house without a thousand dollars in cash and an unlimited credit card."

The incident about borrowing money from Maria that Arnold mentions is when he was invited by her, at a tennis event, to go to her family's home for the weekend on the east coast. Arnold had to borrow $60 from her to get an airline ticket back to Los Angeles. It was one of their first meetings and Arnold was embarrassed about it, thusly never getting caught without cash again.

As for whether or not money make you happy Arnold said:

"Money doesn't make you happy. I now have $50 million dollars, but I was just as happy when I had $48 million."

Rule #7 of the James Bond Lifestyle is: I carry enough cash and credit to operate efficiently. It seems Arnold is a JBLS agent, without even knowing it.

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Sunday, September 30th, 2012
8:19 pm
Fess Parker's Unproduced Davy Crockett Movie
About his Davy Crockett sequel screenplay, Fess Parker said;

"In 1980, I wrote a screenplay that was a sequel to Davy and Georgie at Alamo. It was based on the De la Pena diary that possibly Davy Crockett had survived and was executed afterwards. I took the liberty of saying that that Santa Ana thought there might be some value in hostages so he kept Crockett and his friend Georgie, alive and put them in a prison in Mexico City.

"So I wrote this story about Crockett and Georgie escaping 25 years later. And Buddy Ebsen agreed to do it. It was really a fun story about escaping Mexico City, going aboard a ship that was destined to New Orleans, but didn't tell Davy and Georgie that they were first going down toWest Africa to pickup slaves to take to New Orleans. That was a side trip that they got involved in.

"They had all these adventures, then they went to new Orleans. They figured they had unfinished business so they go back to the Alamo and ended up there on March the 6th and the citizens are celebrating the Alamo. There are speeches and someone reads off the list of defenders, so Davy and Georgie look at each other and Georgie says, 'I know. Were heroes and we've got to get out of here.' So they ride off over the hills. It was an intriguing story, but the Disney Studios didn't want to do it. Katzenberg was the head story guy at the time.

"Then Disney decided to do some more Davy Crockett films, so they cast a young Davy and wanted me to play some character in it. But it was too modern. It wasn't right. Even the language wasn't correct. It was like a romance novel they just put Crockett into, so I said, 'No I don't want to do this.' They did it, and as I predicted it nobody paid any attention to it.

"I thought that my story, would have been easier to do. I've had a strange relationship with the studio. They invite me to various functions and celebrations and they are nice to me, but they just couldn't put anything together with me."

The Disney produced TV movie was called, Davy Crockett: Rainbow in the Thunder (1988). Johnny Cash played the Elder Davy Crockett. Tim Dunigan played the young Davy.
Friday, September 21st, 2012
1:55 am
Fess Parker's LIfestyle Advice
If you're a Disney fan, then you know Fess Parker as Davy Crockett. Parker said; "I was warned that many actors, spent their money recklessly. It was pointed out to me by my agent that Buster Keaton had his own studio and the mansion of mansions, but ended up living on a chicken ranch in the San Fernando Valley. He was happy, but in a different status. This was a cautionary tale for me. It's one thing to create a lifestyle, but you have to be sure that you can continue that lifestyle."

Parker began his career as an extra in the play 'Mister Roberts' starring Henry Fonda and then to a one day part in the science fiction movie, 'Them'. According to Parker, "Walt Disney went to see 'Them' to decide if the star, James Arness, was right for the role of Davy Crockett. But he saw my one scene and decided to cast me. Disney told me, 'I was impressed with that scene because you portrayed a man that was unswerving in his belief in what he saw (flying ants) despite the forces of authority against him.'"

Parker went on to star in more Disney movies, then TV's Daniel Boone for six years. Next came a failed movie in 1973 and a failed 'Fess Parker Show' pilot for TV. Parker said, "When they have to sell a show with your name, that's the end."

Turning down the title role of 'McCloud', Parker retired from the film industry. About making a comeback, Parker said, "When you take yourself out of competition, you're out. You're out of mind." That makes a good case for staying in the competition by constantly being productive in your chosen field.

Parker went on from small real estate deals to larger ones. With some Disney contacts he tried to open a Davy Crockett theme park in Kentucky. Parker said, "I made a mistake and told the competition about it and they began building Kings Island Amusement Park just two hours away, so my financing dried up. I was out of my league without a business background. I also failed when I sold my land in what is now the heart of Silicon Valley. But then I went to Santa Barbara, bought 32 acres next to the ocean and took 10 years to build my first hotel and winery."

When asked to give advice for upcoming actors, his answer sounded like good advice for anyone with a dream. Parker said, "You have to have abandonment of reason and be in a zone where reality doesn't exist. You have to be willing to endure disappointments and have a real commitment. Many times forgoing a social life because you can't afford to do anything but eat."

I'm a big fan of Fess Parker and I stayed a few times at Fess Parker's Doubletree Hotel and always hope to see him there. Finally on my fifth visit there, eating lunch with my parents I told them, "I've given up looking for Fess."

That same day I was lounging in my room, something possessed me to go to the lobby and check my email at the computer there, which I had just done an hour ago. In the huge lobby I always took the same course, but this time decided to go a different way. As I did, two men walked in my path catching up with me. One of them was Davy Crockett. I didn't want to disturb him. I just enjoyed walking with him until I went to the computer area and he went to the restaurant. I could see him sitting there and wondered what made me leave my room and cross the lobby in a new path? Miracles happen, if you listen to 'the calling'.

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Saturday, September 8th, 2012
7:57 am
How Edd Byrnes Branded Himself.
You know Edd Byrnes as Vince Fontaine from the John Travolta movie Grease. According to Edd's memoir Kookie, No More, he branded himself this way:

1 - After an appearance on the Cheyenne TV show, Edd got a dozen friends to his apartment to write hundreds of fan letters, using various paper and pens, to Warner Brothers Studios saying, "Who was that cute guy in Cheyenne?" That got him a seven year contact.

2 - Edd immediately added the extra 'd' to his name to be different.

3 - Edd saw Robert Wagner at a movie premier with his jacket collar up, so when Edd started the 77 Sunset Strip TV show, he had the seamstress sew a black strip on to the back of his turned up jacket collar, to stand out more.

4- Then Edd tried to think up a physical gag to be identified with, like George Raft did tossing the coin.
Edd came up with combing his hair and handling his comb when speaking.

5- Edd was a trained gymnast so he worked in flips and swings on poles into his scenes to show off his physicality.

6 - And even though it was the writers that came up with the cool hep-talk, later called 'Kookie-talk',
it was part of Edd's branding as well as his gold record 'Kookie, Kookie, Lend Me Your Comb".

Soon Edd was on the cover of 22 fan magazines in one month? It's a record that will never be broken.

Even though we might have a company backing us up, it's important for us to be responsible for our own branding.

Free download (NO sign in needed) of Edd's 77 min. audio-book My Casino Caper. His true memior of being stalked for his Las Vegas win. Full cast with; Alan Young, Henry Silva, David Hedison, & Michael Callan. Just click the link below, at the 'you send it' page just click 'download'. http://yousend.it/mTy9GX

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Monday, August 27th, 2012
9:18 pm
Sylvester Stallone's Big Gamble
In 1975, 29-year old Sylvester Stallone was out of money and time. His wife was pregnant; he hocked her jewelry and sold his dog for $50.

In a desperate 24-hour writing spree, he wrote the script for Rocky. United Artists became interested, gradually raising their ofter to $300,000 to have either Burt Reynolds, James Caan or Ryan O’Neal play the role of Rocky.

“I got a monumental headache,” Stallone recalls. “I didn't know that much money existed. They kept insisting they needed a big name star. But the story was about not selling out, about having faith in yourself, about going the distance in a million-to-one shot.”

The price went to $350 000. What did Stallone do? What would you have done?

Stallone knew how low, low can be. Homeless for several days and sleeping at a bus station, he saw a notice looking for actors for an adult-video. He took the job, paying him $400 for four days work. "It was either do that movie or rob someone, because I was at the end, the very end of my rope," Stallone said.

So being that low, did he take the 300 grand?
“I would sooner burn the thing than have anyone else play Rocky Balboa. Not for a million dollars,” he said.

United Artists offered Stallone $25,000 to star in it. He got his wife's jewelry out of hock, bought back his dog and the rest is history.

To be honest, I would have taken the money and written another acting vehicle for myself. But that's why you didn't see me at the Academy Awards saying, "And to all the Rockys in the world, I love you."

Hindsight is easy. But we don't always win when we take a risk. As Stallone said recently, "Sometimes you're rewarded for risks. Sometimes you're punished." I guess we have to choose when and how much we risk.
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