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Lucy Can Empower Freelancers

Lucy shows us possibilities.

The first words of the movie Lucy are; Life was given to us a billion years ago. What have we done with it?

The unique special effect action scenes will energize you, but there's so much more to this movie, if you let it's entirety work on you.

Of course, we can never do what Lucy does in this movie. But just watching her utilize her new powers can encourage us to think outside the box to upgrade our careers.

With it's many stiking images of the natural wonders of the earth and universe, the movie kind of hypnotizes you into the feeling that you are actuall using your brain like Lucy does. And with Morgan Freeman's theretical teachings, one gets into an intellectual mood and an appreciation of what it took for us humans to get to this point in time. Freeman asks the question, "Are human beings more concerned with having, than... being?

At the heart of the movie is an appreciation of our humanity. Action fans, waiting for the next shoot-out, may overlook the phone call that Lucy makes to her mother. Never has a 'don't forget to call your mother' statement been made so strongly. Lucy's appreciation of her parents and the miracle that brought her to life is clearly stated.

Any success teacher will tell you that; The first step to more money and more success is to have an appreciation of what we have now and use that as a platform to move up.

General good advice is also slipped into the story as Lucy tells her ailing roommate; "You need to make some lifestyle changes. Take this medication, work out, eat organic. You'll be okay."

And finally, just think of what we could do for our careers if we could type on two laptops with one hand each, as fast as Lucy does. With that brain power on the internet, we could find the right person, place, product, book or website that would take our careers to a new level. Of course, we can't use two laptops with Lucy's speed, but we can enhance our performance to take efficient action for success.

A billion years to get to this life. What will we do with it?
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