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The Ultimate Book for Freelancers

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Do you wish to survive as a freelancer?

Freelancer defined:

A person who works as a writer, designer, performer, or the like, selling work or services by the hour, day, job, etc., rather than working on a regular salary basis for one employer.

Is that you?

It sure has been, and continues to be, me. And the keywords in that last sentences is ‘has been’, because that’s what you don’t want to be thought of as a freelancer. That's why I developed the James Bond Lifestyle course for myself. It was never intended to be given to anyone else.

Since my dream of being a movie director started at age eight, when I saw The Making of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, continued with getting a BA in Film and winning the Berkeley Film Festival twice, I wanted no other way of life, other than to be a freelance movie maker.

My first feature film bombed. My second, premiered in 50 theaters in Los Angeles alone, and then went round the world. My third feature was popular, but the distributor ran off with the money.

The next three features gave me a good salary, but that was it. Then at age 29, I was at a hard place; meaning too long between jobs. Then miraculously a stunt woman from one of my movies hired me to direct a travelogue in Phuket, Thailand where the James Bond movie The Man with the Golden Gun was filmed.

The producer got me on a flight from Hong Kong to Bangkok with a First Class seat. When I got on the jumbo-jet, I saw that I was the only passenger with six beautiful Thai flight attendants. Later, the pilot told me that this flight was usually just for cargo, but the law required the full flight crew.

When the flight attendants gave the safety briefing, which was not yet on video, one attendant read the announcement into the PA system, another one walked right up to my seat and said, “For your eyes only,” which was the title of the new James Bond movie at that time.

Wow. Was I dreaming? An attendent asked if I wanted a newspaper, I wasn't interested, but took it from her to be polite. I opened it, and saw on the front page the results of the Acadamy Awards show that I had missed the night before. These coincidencess were starting to add up nicely.

The pilot asked me if I wanted to sit in the cockpit and I did so, even for the landing. Wow. I made a lot of money on that job as well as having great experiences. When I came back home, I knew I didn’t want that energy or lifestyle to stop. Wanted them to continue badly.

The next day, I watched the video of The Man with the Golden Gun and right then I decided that I needed to live like James Bond. I needed the ready cash that he always has for tipping; I needed the 50 gold sovereigns that he carries in his briefcase. Just to mention a few things I needed.

So I got to work writing down ideas about James Bond’s lifestyle; asking myself, what made him so cool and prosperous? I write up ideas that I had learned from success courses and books, plus my own ideas.

Soon things started to get better with my movie career. And then soon after, crew members from my movies began asking me, “How do you live as a freelancer with no company to support you?”

So I would tell them about my James Bond Lifestyle ideas, which would take an hour or more at lunch. But after doing that a few times I realized that I needed to get all the information recorded on a 90 minute cassette tape so that I could easily hand it to anyone that asked about how to live as a freelancer.

That was 1998, about the time the internet got bigger and Amazon started up, so I put the tape on Amazon.
Then I got asked by The Learning Annex to give three hour seminars on the Bond Lifestyle, but it turned out that three hours wasn’t enough time to give out all the information that I continued to accumulate. So I recorded an 8 hour version on CDs. But I went one step further and, since I’m a showman, I added many voices, sound effects and music to it.

Then in 2012, I expanded the course even more with the 340 page Kindle version that much more additoinal information and Skyfall references.

During the years of the James Bond Lifestyle being available to the public, I’ve received many emails saying things like;

“Your book saved my 30 year old son’s life.” - “Your book saved my marriage.” - “Your book made me fight my disease.” - “Your book helped me survive my divorce.” - “Your book made me start my own business.” - “Your book made me write my own book.” - “Your book made my family have a new respect for me.”

So if you are a freelancer, check out the sample pages and especially the Table of Contents for the 2012 Kindle version of How to Live the James Bond Lifestyle:
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