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Schwarzenegger's Cash. How much does he carry?

An important money lession.
Arnold Schwarzenegger had his first lunch meeting for the first Terminator movie with director James Cameron and producers Gale Ann Hurd and John Daly.

In his memoir Total Recall Schwarzenegger said:

"At that kind of meeting the actor never pays. But when the check came, it was like a comedy with all three of them searching for money. None of them could pay, so I paid and they were very embarrassed. After having to borrow money once from Maria, I never leave the house without a thousand dollars in cash and an unlimited credit card."

The incident about borrowing money from Maria that Arnold mentions is when he was invited by her, at a tennis event, to go to her family's home for the weekend on the east coast. Arnold had to borrow $60 from her to get an airline ticket back to Los Angeles. It was one of their first meetings and Arnold was embarrassed about it, thusly never getting caught without cash again.

As for whether or not money make you happy Arnold said:

"Money doesn't make you happy. I now have $50 million dollars, but I was just as happy when I had $48 million."

Rule #7 of the James Bond Lifestyle is: I carry enough cash and credit to operate efficiently. It seems Arnold is a JBLS agent, without even knowing it.

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